Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi. My name is Carlie I'm the youngest around here not even a year old yet. I'm wanted to let you all know my Mommy is a goofball. She's really trying to get it all together but, she's a mess. I clean her toes all day trying to remind her what she need to do but, she just can't seem to concentrate. See, Monday she bought a new boyfriend for the 7 of us girls. Problem is he's kinda afraid of us. We all have lived here our whole life and well Mommy kind of halfway rescued him. She took my Aunt Yipper to meet him and when she saw where he lived she simply asked if she could buy him. See, we all live inside and have a big fenced area in which to play. But, he was living in a 4 foot by eight foot box. He's stiff because he never got to run around and only had a hard floor on which to sleep. But, he's getting better now. he goes up and downs the steps better and Mommy's going to take him to see a doggie dentist the first of the month. Where he lived he was clean, well fed and got his shots and wormer but, he didn't get loved. Both my Mommies are making sure to love on him at least twice a day. They are trying to teach him to take a treat, too. I can't imagine a life without love so I'm gonna sign of now and go sit on Mommy's foot until bedtime. When we go to bed I'm going to curl up as close as I can so she'll know how much I appreciate her love. PS. I know many people aren't reading this yet but, he needs a new name. His name is Buck and my cousin Ducky (also called Duck) keeps running up every time Mommy calls Buck. Any ideas?

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