Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HI! I'M PRECIOUS! I'M PRECIOUS! HI! HI! HI! I'M PRECIOUS! I'M PRECIOUS! Precious! Calm down and get off of momma's blog. BUT, MOMMA I'M PRECIOUS! I'm going to count to 3. One. Two... OK MOMMA I'M GOING. BYE.  That girl is going to drive me crazy. I'm Little Bear and Precious is my daughter. She's 2 years old but acts like 6 months. Some kids never grow up! MOMMA! MOMMA! What is it Precious? I WANNA PLAY! I WANNA PLAY! Alright Precious. Momma's coming. Kid's can live with'em. Wouldn't want to live without them!
Hi, this is Yipper. Poor momma. She really wants to get her blog going but, her time is so limited. She really is trying to figure it all out. Right now she dealing with a serious family illness. Maybe when everything's better she can get down to work. In the mean time, we all just love on her as best we can.